Car crash baby in fine fettle

Little Vincent Bengtsson-Persson had a dramatic entry into the world when his father fainted and crashed the car at the sight of his new baby boy. But while the car was badly damaged, both baby and parents emerged unscathed.

Per Persson had driven to within sight of the hospital in Karlskrona in southern Sweden when he suddenly lost consciousness and swerved into a ditch.

His partner Linda Bengtsson had done all she could to avoid giving birth in the car, but eventually the pressure became too great and baby Vincent was born.

“The last thing I heard was Linda’s voice saying: ‘It’s over now’. I just managed to brake before nodding off. When I woke up again we had come to a stop against a rock in the ditch,” Persson told Blekinge Läns Tidning.

During the 90 kilometre drive from their home in Kyrkhult, it soon became evident that things were not moving quite so slowly as they had done for the couple’s first child. As Bengtsson’s contractions grew ever more regular, the expectant father called ahead to the hospital.

Staff at the maternity ward gave Persson two options: pull over and wait for an ambulance or make a dash for it.

“I just screamed at her to hold on and put my foot to the floor,” said Persson.

Twenty kilometres from the hospital, Vincent’s head popped out. The rest was soon to follow.

“With 400 metres to go, Linda said that everything had come out,” Persson told Expressen.

Seconds later the car was in the ditch.

“Linda was so focused on resisting that she didn’t even realize we had driven off the road.”

When Persson came to, he heard his baby boy’s first cries and saw hospital staff running towards the car. Apart from a few minor scratches, nobody was injured in the crash.

And on Wednesday, the day after the drama, Linda Bengtsson was able to leave the hospital with her healthy baby boy.

“He’s a real miracle baby. We had a guardian angel watching over us,” said Linda Bengtsson.