Elderly man fends off elk with trekking poles

Elderly man fends off elk with trekking poles
Ove Källström/Norrlandia/www.imagebank.sweden.se
A 78-year-old man succeeded at the weekend in warding off repeated attacks from an aggressive elk with the help of a set of trekking poles.

The man was out walking in a forest outside Karlstad in western Sweden when a cow elk suddenly showed up on the path and readied itself for a lunge.

“I went into a sumo wrestler stance with my legs bent and made up my mind to jab at the elk’s eyes with the poles,” he told newspaper Nya Wermlands Tidningen.

According to the man, the elk made a total of eight attempts to attack him.

“I actually stayed cool as a cucumber but I would have been terrified if I hadn’t had my poles,” he said.

As the man moved nearer to a more built-up area, the animal finally gave up and disappeared back into the forest.