Accidents and drunkenness following Midsummer parties

A large number of drunk drivers were caught by police on Friday night, many of them driving back from Midsummer parties. A number of accidents took place on the roads, and two fatal accidents involving pleasure boats were reported. But rain in southern Sweden meant that fewer reports of violence and drunkenness than normal were received by police in many areas.

A 43-year-old man died in the Stockholm archipelago off the island of Ljusterö, when a motorboat crashed into an anchored sailing boat. One further person was injured and taken to hospital with neck pains.

Another man died in a marina near Söderhamn, on Sweden’s east coast. The man, 58, and his wife were mooring their boat late on Friday evening when he fell into the water. He was found in the water by emergency services, but his life could not be saved.

On Gotland a complex rescue operation was set in motion after a man fell from a precipice near Visby, landing out of reach of the emergency services. Lifeboats were called in to rescue him by boat, in a procedure that took one and a half hours. The man was taken to Visby hospital. It was unclear on Saturday morning how badly injured he was.

In Norrköping a man was taken to hospital at 4am from the Olai park suffering from knife injuries. No suspected attacker had been arrested early on Saturday morning.

Police around the country reported fights and drunkenness at parties and on campsites, but many police districts said that this year’s celebrations were quieter than normal.

Despite this, a large number of drunk drivers were stopped during the night. In Jämtland county, eleven cases were reported. In Värmland county there were three accidents involving drunk drivers. In one of these cases a car ended up in the garden of a house in Storfors at 11pm. The driver is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol.