No Swedish jail time for Dutch cannibal

A Dutch man who bit a compatriot's nose off during a fight in Växjö in March was a free man as his trial concluded on Monday.

The prosecutor and defence lawyer agreed that he should not be given a jail term.

“The medical analysis showed that he was suffering from serious psychological problems at the time of the attack and that he has a fundamental psychological illness. But he is not sick now,” said prosecutor Christer Johansson.

He had called for the man to be sentenced to supervised probational care.

“Then it can always be discussed whether the probation should be in Sweden. He is Dutch, after all,” said Christer Johansson.

On March 8th The Local reported that a 58-year-old Dutch man delivering tulip bulbs to Sweden had had his nose and ear bitten off. It later emerged that the attacker was a 44-year-old cannibal who had hitched a lift to Sweden with the trucker.

The younger man was himself badly injured in the fight and was treated at Växjö hospital during his time on remand. The trial was also held there.

But he can now leave the hospital as soon as his doctors authorise it, reported TV4.

He will be sentenced on July 3rd.