Poisonous snake loose in Eskilstuna

A long, green and probably poisonous snake has been spotted at Vilsta allotments in Eskilstuna, 120km west of Stockholm. Experts are warning local residents to be extremely cautious, fearing that it could be a green mamba - one of the world's most dangerous snakes.

Poisonous snake loose in Eskilstuna
Eastern green mamba. Photo: DanLeo

The reptile, which is nearly two metres long, was first spotted last week in the area, which is home to garden plots and 83 leisure cottages. Then on Sunday it reappeared on an allotment owned by Roger Olsson:

“I was busy with the fence when it came slithering by. After maybe five seconds it went down into a hole. First I was terrified, but then obviously I raised the alarm,” he told local newspaper Eskilstuna-Kuriren.

Snake expert Max Norberg has now found traces of the snake in the form of skin flakes. It is thought that the creature has been released and has made itself at home in the vegetation. Green mambas, which originate in southwest Africa, can also climb trees.

Norberg, who was called in by police to hunt the snake, told Eskilstuna-Kuriren that despite the mamba’s reputation the danger is “probably not great”.

“But we urge everyone to be careful,” he added.