Stowaways arrive in Sweden after boarding wrong ship

Three Moroccan stowaways who dreamed of a new life in Europe are facing a long trip home after arriving in Sweden - not Holland, as they intended.

Their trip began in Casablanca, where they boarded a freighter. But as the ship navigated the English Channel, the men were discovered and the captain, who was on his way to Sweden to pick up timber, alerted the authorities.

When the ship arrived in Skärnäs harbour in Gävleborg , the Coastguard and border police were there to welcome it, reported Hudiksvalls Tidning.

But despite the fact that the trio had got themselves to Europe as planned, they were not best pleased. In questioning, they told officers that their goal had been to reach Holland and that they must have got on the wrong boat.

They will not have to put up with Sweden for much longer. The stowaways are currently in custody until they can be returned home to Morocco.

“Now the captain will have to try and take them back to Casablanca somehow. It’s his reponsibility under the sea code,” head of border police Willy Aflarenko told Hudiksvalls Tidning.