Farmer hid camera in worker’s bedroom

A vegetable farmer from Skåne in southern Sweden is under investigation by police after he admitted to filming the sexual activity of a 21-year-old Latvian guest worker. The woman came to Sweden at the beginning of the summer to earn some money processing vegetables.

The Latvian worker contacted police after she and a friend borrowed the farmer’s computer on Sunday to check their e-mail.

“When she was sitting at the computer the woman carried out a search for her own name,” police investigator Paul Nilsson told The Local.

To her surprise, the search brought up a folder labelled with her personal details. Inside the folder were files containing explicit video footage of the woman having sex with her boyfriend.

On returning that evening to the apartment she rents from her employer, the seasonal worker managed to locate the hidden camera in her bedroom. She found the device next to a light fitting in the ceiling.

“We have confiscated the camera and the computer. The farmer has admitted to placing the camera in the woman’s bedroom,” said Nilsson.

Police say there are so far no indications that the woman’s boss had cameras in the bedrooms of any of his other workers, or that he stored the videos on his computer for anything other than private use.

The farmer, who is “around 50 years old”, is not reported to have any previous convictions. He is under suspicion for privacy violations and sexual harassment.