Twelve years for Vietnamese gang murders

A 31-year-old man has been sentenced to twelve years in prison for the murders of two Vietnamese refugees in Gothenburg last October.

A second man received a six month jail term for harbouring a known criminal. A third suspect was found guilty of more minor charges.

Police arrested a total of nine people in connection with the double murder in the Hammarkullen district of Gothenburg. Six men have been cleared of the charges against them.

Both the victims were shot dead and a witness to the events after the murders described to police how at least two of the men left the scene. One of them was wearing a mask.

A police investigation revealed that the murders were the result of a feud between rival Vietnamese gangs in western Sweden.

According to prosecutors, two hitmen were sent to execute the two refugees. One of these was the man who has now been sentenced.

The second killer, a 39-year-old man, managed to flee the country before he could be arrested.