‘Give throne to Victoria’- poll

A majority of Swedes would like to see the king to retire and his daughter Victoria assume the throne, according to a new opinion poll.

'Give throne to Victoria'- poll
Photo: Stockholm International Water Institute

While Sweden has no tradition of monarchs claiming a pension once they hit 65, a full 64 percent of Swedes think that King Karl Carl XVI Gustaf should hang up his crown in four years time.

When asked which royal they thought best suited to represent Sweden as head of state, 45 percent of respondents plumped for Crown Princess Victoria.

But Marianne Östlund, one of Sweden’s most experienced PR consultants, told Expressen that the king shouldn’t let the survey get him down.

“He should be flattered that so many people think Victoria is a worthy heir to the throne,” she said.

The King turned 61 at the end of April, while Victoria will celebrate her thirtieth birthday this coming Saturday.

The survey was carried out by polling agency Demoskop, which interviewed 1,001 men and women between the ages of 15 and 89 on behalf of newspaper Expressen.