Murderer’s sentence ‘should not be cut’

The Swedish Prosecutor-General has appealed a decision to limit a murderer's sentence to 21 years. The appeal is the first time the senior law officer has appealed a decision to set a time limit on a prisoner's life sentence.

The case concerns a woman convicted of hiring three men to murder her husband. Örebro District Court initially refused to set a time limit on her incarceration, but the Göta Court of Appeal then limited her prison stay to 21 years.

Prosecutor-General Fredrik Wersäll now wants the Supreme Court to overturn the decision to limit the woman’s sentence, or alternatively to set a longer period for her detention.

“It is very important to have a clear set of principles, not least for the life prisoners themselves.” Wersäll told Svenska Dagbladet.

Limits on life sentences were previously set by the government, but this role was transferred to Örebro District Court six months ago. Some 39 prisoners have so far applied for their sentences to be given a time limit.