Police hunt Södertälje gunmen

Police are hunting three men who are suspected of shooting dead a 26-year-old man in the Geneta area of Södertälje on Thursday evening. Several people witnessed the incident.

At around 8pm the men opened fire on the man, shooting him in the back on Prosten Linders väg, a street in the town. After the shooting the men fled from the scene.

“I was sitting on my balcony when I heard the shots. There were probably three or four in a row. But I didn’t have time to see anyone,” said one man who lives in the area.

The injured man was taken to Solna’s Karolinska hospital. At 9.30pm police announced that he had died.

Police were alerted to the shooting at 7.51pm and immediately implemented a major operation. Ten police units were tasked with hunting the killers.

“We have had good descriptions of all three from the witnesses we’ve spoken to at the scene,” said Stockholm police spokesman Björn Engström.

Police cordoned off the crime scene and late on Thursday evening dog patrols searched for the murder weapon and traces of clothing along the route of the gunmen’s escape.

“It’s not uncommon that attackers ditch the clothes they’re wearing when they get away from this kind of thing,” said Stockholm detective Martin Melin.

Officers handling the case have decided not to issue a description of the attackers ‘for forensic investigation reasons’. Investigators still expect to interview more witnesses and say that they do not want to influence their description of the incident.