Company names prove hard to choose

Registering a company name in Sweden is harder than many might imagine, a new list of those approved and those rejected by authorities shows.

Among the company names that the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket) has refused to allow are Angeldust Promotions, Screwing Gum and, puzzlingly, Jesus Exclusively Made by Beatrix.

Yet many strange names get approved, news agency TT reports. Among those allowed by Bolagsverket were a coffee shop called Jihad Konditori, Flata Tunnbrödsbageri (‘Lesbian/dyke bakery’) and Kuka Svetsanläggningar + Robotar, the name of which closely resembles a vulgar Swedish word for penis. Stake Communications, the name of which also means penis in Swedish, was passed by the censors.

Of 70,000 applications received every year, around half are refused by officials. The Companies Registration Office told TT that a name must be unique, free from offensive words and should not contain protected words or words likely to mislead the public.