FBI raids Swedish fugitive’s home

The FBI have raided the Florida home of a Swedish man who has been hiding from the law for the past twelve years.

Erik Arosenius was serving a six year sentence for the attempted murder of his wife, when in 1995 he failed to return from weekend release. It emerged last week that he has since then been living in America.

Known to neighbours in Melbourne, Florida, as Eric Rose, the Swedish fugitive had been living in what local paper Florida Today described as a “luxury condominium.”

FBI agents entered the apartment on Friday with guns drawn, but Arosenius was not home, Jim Shaw, secretary of the condominium association, told Florida Today.

Shaw said had not seen Arosenius since last Tuesday, but added that a woman who had been living with him later returned to the apartment to pack their belongings. The Swede’s car was not in the garage on Sunday.

The paper reported that Arosenius lived in the apartment with a woman and two children. It quoted the owner of Arosenius’s apartment, Pam Harbaugh, describing the family as “sweet, kind and considerate.”

Arosenius had reportedly lived in Florida since 1995, where he had obtained a corporate broker’s licence, a real estate licence and a concealed weapons permit. The Local understands that he holds US citizenship: he was born in the United States and adopted as a baby by the Arosenius family.

It transpired last week that he had been given work by his sister Marianne, the CEO of Swedish industrial company Åkerströms Trux. She was last week forced to resign, and police are investigating her involvement in the affair.

A source has told The Local that Marianne Arosenius and members of her family have made regular visits to see her brother in Florida since he fled jail.