No money back for confiscated booze

No money back for confiscated booze
The state is not obliged to pay compensation for confiscated alcohol ordered over the internet, Chancellor of Justice Göran Lambertz told Sveriges Radio.

Some fifty of the 7,000 people affected turned to the Chancellor of Justice to demand compensation after the European Court of Justice in June decided that the Swedish private import ban was unlawful.

But, according to the Chancellor of Justice, the victims have little option but to accept their fate in cases that are particularly difficult to interpret. The state will only pay damages when it has clearly committed a serious error.

The case is not closed yet, however, and will eventually be settled in court.

“If the state loses, as seems unlikely, then we will have to change our mind and pay compensation to everybody, including all the other people who have applied for compensation,” Göran Lambertz told Sveriges Radio’s Ekot news programme.