Volvo Trucks extends alcolock range

Volvo Trucks is extending the range of alcolocks available for its heavy trucks. According to Volvo, the company's new third generation alcolock is the first in the world to fulfil the requirements for the transport of dangerous goods in heavy vehicles.

“Volvo supports the Swedish government’s initiative on the introduction of alcolocks as standard in vehicles throughout the EU. We are convinced this would save many lives, every single day on roads throughout Europe,” Lennart Pilskog, Director Public Affairs at Volvo Trucks said in a statement.

“In particular, alcohol-related road accidents involving dangerous goods can have devastating consequences. In many cases, these could be tankers carrying large quantities of explosive gases or corrosive liquids,” he added.

The alcolock system functions in such a way that if the driver’s breath contains traces of alcohol, the central unit cuts the current supply to the starter motor, fuel pump or ignition system and the vehicle will not start.

Volvo has said it will unveil its new alocolock for commercial vehicles at the Tylösand Conference in western Sweden on September 3rd to 5th.