Moped owners face licence challenge

Following fast-rising sales and an increasing number of accidents, the government has called for a full driver's licence for all kinds of moped from 2009.

Moped owners face licence challenge
Photo: Henri Bergius

According to the bill which is currently being prepared, a licence will also be required for snowmobiles and off-road quad bikes.

“In the proposal we’re going to suggest national, Swedish rules under which all moped drivers must have a proper driver’s licence. If everything goes to plan we hope the law will come into force at the beginning of 2009,” said Catrin Tidström, undersecretary in the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications, to Göteborgs-Posten.

There are currently around 140,000 class 1 ‘EU mopeds’ in Sweden. Despite a maximum speed of 45km/h, the licence required for such vehicles is, according to the Swedish Road Administration, easy to acquire and not comparable with a full driver’s licence.