Suspect arrested after cash depot heist

Police have arrested one man in connection with a spectacular armed robbery that took place at a cash depot in a Stockholm suburb in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

“The person was arrested half an hour after the robbery,” police spokesman Mats Eriksson told Sveriges Radio.

At least two thieves were seen breaking into the cash depot with the aid of cutting torches and explosives. They entered the building from an aerial platform shortly after 4am.

By the time police units began arriving at the address in Bromma the thieves had already left. According to witnesses they drove away in a sand-coloured SUV.

At the back of the depot police found a burnt-out truck with an aerial platform.

After a lengthy search, police discovered two security guards who had hidden inside the building after being threatened by the armed thieves.

“The bangs caused by detonating explosives meant that they didn’t dare show themselves immediately when police began looking for them,” said police spokesman Håkan Westin.

Police are questioning the men to find out the number of people who participated in the robbery.

“They seem to have gone through a very traumatic experience and will be given the care they need,” said Thord Axelsson, Panaxia Security’s local manager.

Police believe that the thieves managed to escape with a sum of money.

“When police entered the building there were banknotes strewn all over the floor,” said Håkan Westin.

But Thord Axelsson told Sveriges Radio that Panaxia’s security precautions had restricted the amount of cash available and that “those who carried out the attack are less pleased than we are”.