Abused girl sues council for 1.5 million kronor

A girl who lived with her violent and abusive father for six years and whose case was ignored by the local social services in Vetlanda is to sue the council for 1.5 million kronor ($227,000).

A year ago, a report from the County Administrative Board revealed serious failings in the way in which the case was handled by the Småland town. Then in April 2007 a documentary about the case prompted angry crowds to call for the head of social services to resign.

The girl’s legal representative Anton Strand has instigated legal proceedings against the council after failing to secure an out of court settlement. Vetlanda officials continue to argue that the girl does not have sufficient grounds for a compensation claim.

In a letter to the council, insurance company Länsförsäkringar dismissed Strand’s call for damages, Vetlanda-Posten reports.

“My view, in light of the details currently available to us, is that the girl’s legal representative has not been able to show that the girl is entitled to damages from the council,” wrote Länsförsäkringar’s Mats Wilhelmsson.

The head of Vetlanda council, Rolf Adolfsson, also claimed last month that the grounds for possible compensation had not been clearly identified.

“Our lawyers have requested more precise grounds for the compensation but we have not had that,” he said.

Strand disagreed, arguing that the council has had “a specific sum and a legal basis for the request”.

Last November the father was sentenced to psychiatric care after being found guilty of raping and sexually abusing his daughter.