Gothenburg firm makes car fuel from kitchen waste

A company in Gothenburg is working on new ways of converting kitchen refuse into a viable energy source.

Smedlunds Miljösystem intends to turn each bag of dried kitchen rubbish into a quantity of biogas sufficient to keep a car running for 3.2 kilometres (2 miles), Bohusläningen reports.

A small residential area in Guldheden has already agreed to try out the method.

“The technology removes around 80 percent of the water contained in household waste, which leaves us with manageable garbage that doesn’t need to be collected too often. And fewer transports mean environmental gains,” Lars Smedlund told the newspaper.

Rather than making weekly rounds, a suction truck would need to come to the area just twice a year to collect the rubbish.

“Transport needs are minimized both by the fact that it doesn’t weigh much and can be stored for a long time,” said Smedlund.