Sex exhibition defies vandals

A controversial art exhibition is to reopen in Lund despite most of the works' being vandalized at the beginning of the month.

‘A History of Sex’, consisting of a series of images by American photographer Andres Serrano, was the target of an attack by masked men who stormed into the Kulturen gallery and set about the photos with crowbars and an axe.

The men, who declared that they were ‘against decadence and for a healthier culture’, filmed the attack and later made it available on YouTube.

However, YouTube’s owner, Google, blocked the video, not for its depiction of a criminal act but because it contained images of a pornographic nature.

The exhibition will reopen on Sunday but the gallery has warned that opening times may be changed at short notice.

“As you will understand, we are prioritising the safety of our visitors and our staff,” said the gallery in a statement.