Hostage released after police raid

Police in southern Sweden have raided an apartment where a man had allegedly taken a woman hostage.

The man had barricaded himself and the woman in the apartment in Tranås, 220 km east of Gothenburg. The police’s National Rapid Reaction Force was called to the scene after the man threatened to harm himself and the woman.

“He threatened to harm her or himself with some kind of weapon,” said Anneli Johnsson of Jönköping Police.

Police tried to establish contact with the man, who is in his twenties. He is said to have behaved threateningly towards both police and the woman, whom he did not allow to leave the apartment.

Neighbours had raised the alarm at 3:30am on Sunday. The man had wrecked the apartment, destroying radiators, forcing the water supply for the whole block to be turned off.

Both the man and the woman were reported to be bleeding when police broke into the apartment. Emergency services say that two people are being treated at hospital in Eksjö.