Man shot in leg by police

A man in his twenties was taken to hospital on Monday morning after being shot in the leg by a police officer in Falköping in western Sweden. The incident occurred after two officers failed in their attempts to disarm the man, TV4 reports.

When police arrived at Wetterlingsgatan at around 9am, the man is said to have behaved aggressively and walked towards the officers brandishing his knife.

The officers tried to ward him with the aid of pepper spray.

“But it was quite windy and they weren’t able to check his progress,” press spokesman Björ Blixer told TV4.

Although the officers decided to retreat, the man continued advancing towards them.

“One of the officers then used their service weapon and fired a shot at the man’s lower leg,” said Blixer.

According to police, the officers – a man and a woman – have been taken off duty pending an investigation.