SAS cancellations continue

Scandinavian Airlines cancelled dozens of flights to and from Scandinavia for the second day in a row on Tuesday after permanently removing all Canadian-made Dash 8 Q400 passenger planes from its fleet.

“Thirty-seven flights to and from Copenhagen were cancelled by SAS Denmark on Tuesday and 14 others by SAS Sweden,” SAS Denmark spokesman Jens Langergaard told AFP.

“All of the passengers were booked on other flights operated by our partners or other companies,” he said.

SAS, which cancelled more than 60 flights on Monday, said it planned to cancel dozens more on Wednesday.

The carrier announced on Sunday that it was removing all 27 of its Bombardier-made Dash 8 Q400 turboprops from service following a series of incidents involving the landing gear.

Three of SAS’ planes have carried out crash-landings in the past two months after the landing gear malfunctioned. No one was seriously injured in the accidents.

In the first two accidents, the landing gear collapsed on impact.

But the third crash-landing, which took place on Saturday at Copenhagen’s Kastrup airport, was of a different nature, a preliminary investigation report published on Tuesday showed.

In that crash, the right side of the landing gear did not deploy properly and was blocked, the report said.

At least five other SAS flights in the past two months have had to turn back after warning lights in the cockpit indicated problems with the landing gear.

SAS had grounded its 27 Dash Q400s for three weeks in September to inspect all of the planes.

Following that hiatus, which led to major delays and cancellations, SAS said it planned to seek 500 million Swedish kronor ($77 million) in compensation from Bombardier.

On Monday, SAS said the removal of the 27 planes from its fleet would have a negative impact on the group’s result of about 300 to 400 million kronor ($47 to 63 million) for the remainder of the year, according to an early estimate.