Unibet CEO speaks out about jail ordeal

Unibet's Swedish CEO Petter Nylander has slammed Dutch authorities for treating him like a serious criminal after his arrest last week.

Nylander, 43, was travelling to Britain on Monday October 22nd when he was arrested for breaking laws protecting France’s state gambling monopoly. He was detained by Dutch passport police as he was passing through a control at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. He subsequently spent two days in a cell.

“I had the whole lot taken away from me: shoelaces, wedding rings, everything. After a few hours I was taken to a small cell at the infamous Schiphol prison. It was difficult. I had to sit there with serious criminals and listen to the constant screaming.

“I felt a massive sense of uncertainty and powerlessness. I wasn’t allowed to speak to my family. The whole thing felt life a major abuse of justice. I just tried to huddle up and get some sleep,” Nylander told the TT news agency.

On Thursday morning, the day after a French court released him on bail, Nylander boarded a fast train to London.

“I’m going to meet my colleagues and then take part in a press conference,” he said.

Later in the evening he will fly to Sweden to meet friends and family.