Malmö bouncers arrested for assaulting clubber

Two bouncers at Malmö's largest nightclub have been arrested for allegedly assaulting a guest on Wednesday night. A third member of staff at the Etage club has also been arrested.

The alleged victim was bleeding from the nose, had a bump on his forehead and had sustained cuts and grazes when the police arrived.

The incident was first reported to police by the bouncers themselves. They said that they had detained a person and reported that there was a disturbance outside the club. Police then received a call from a witness, who said that bouncers had assaulted a guest who had been ejected from Etage.

Witnesses say that someone had thrown an object at bouncers from outside the club. The bouncers believed that it had come from the ejected guest and started chasing him. When he fell to the ground, witnesses claim that the bouncers started to attack him.

The bouncers were arrested on Wednesday night on suspicion of assault. The third member of staff was detained and will be questioned on Thursday morning.

Police have received a number of witness statements. The club has security cameras, but Håkan Lindholm of Malmö Police said it was unlikely that the incident was captured on film, as it took place a short distance from the club’s entrance.