Winter tyres a must as roads freeze over

Motorists are being advised to put on their winter tyres as icy conditions sweep in over the country.

Winter tyres a must as roads freeze over
Photo: Kerstin Eriksson/Vägverket

The Swedish Road Administration (Vägverket) and meteorological agency SMHI have warned that roads in all parts of the country are expected to freeze over on Tuesday evening.

“There are two things that people need to think of,” administration spokesman Thomas Andersson told The Local.

“First, it is important to get the winter tyres on. Second, people should reprogramme themselves to make the switch from summer to winter conditions, which are not quite the same”

The administration has already begun gritting a number of main roads as a precautionary measure.

“We prioritize main roads and often we hear people say that the roads were not at all icy as we had predicted. But that’s generally because we have got there first and applied salt and sand,” said Andersson.

He also advised motorists to listen out for the latest updates from SMHI and to keep an eye on up-to-date road conditions at the administration’s website,