Support for Reinfeldt continues to slide

More than four in ten Swedish voters say thay their confidence in prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has fallen.

The drop in support is not just confined to the supporters of Reinfeldt’s political opponents. Indeed, a fifth (19 percent) of Moderate Party voters say that they are losing faith in the prime minister.

Following the recent events that led to the resignation of state secretary Ulrica Schenström and then the debate surrounding senior Moderates’ use of cash-in-hand labour, Göteborgs-Posten and pollsters Sifo asked a thousand people “How has the recent turbulence surrounding the government and the Moderates affected your confidence in Fredrik Reinfeldt?”.

The number who said that their confidence in the Swedish prime minister had fallen was 42 percent. That is double the number in September, when GP and Sifo asked the same question in the wake of the resignation of defence minister Mikael Odenberg.