Liberals call for ‘Swedish FBI’

The Liberal Party has joined the Police Service in calling for a form of 'Swedish FBI' to tackle organized crime.

In a report presented on Tuesday, the party said it was “baffling” that not everybody in the police service recognized the extent of the problem the country faced with regard to organized crime.

“It is a serious situation when there are county police who don’t believe this type of criminality exists in their areas and consequently don’t do anything about it,” the party’s security spokeswoman, Cecilia Wigström, told Svenska Dagbladet.

The Police Service has previously proposed a “national resource” consisting on 200-300 police officers that would take up the fight against motorcycle gangs and criminal networks.

But Justice Minister Beatrice Ask has so far shown little enthusiasm for such a project.

“We currently have no plans for a major restructuring of the Swedish police service,” the Moderate Party politician told TT on October 21st.

The Liberal Party said it wanted to look further into the number of officers that would be needed to create an effective ‘Swedish FBI’. As the proposal differed from that put forward by the police, Wigström expressed the hope that she could gain the support of the party’s coalition partners.