Andy Warhol’s Swedish Brillo Boxes ‘were fake’

Andy Warhol's Swedish Brillo Boxes 'were fake'
Photo: Patrick Haney
A leading Swedish museum has confirmed that 105 Brillo Boxes thought to have been commissioned by Andy Warhol were in fact fakes constructed after the artist's death.

Moderna Museet conducted an investigation into the supposed artworks following allegations made in the Expressen newspaper earlier this year suggesting that the boxes were worthless.

The museum had claimed that the boxes originated from an exhibition of Warhol’s work in 1968. In fact, they were made at Malmö Konsthall in 1990, three years after Warhol’s death.

When the boxes were advertised as originals from a 1968 exhibition, they were estimated to be worth over 100 million kronor ($16 million). But following a thorough investigation, the museum was able to conclude that Expressen’s suspicions were justified.

“These boxes were not authorized by the artist and should be taken off the official catalogue of Andy Warhol’s Brillo Boxes,” the museum wrote in the report published on Thursday.