Sweden counts cost of EU membership

Sweden's EU membership fee is expected to total around 30 billion kronor next year, according to preliminary estimates.

The EU budget for 2008 was finalized late on Friday night and landed at €120 billion, or about 1,100 billion kronor.

Sweden’s projected membership fee, almost 30 billion kronor, is close to what the Swedish government had set aside.

Despite protests from Sweden Great Britain and a number of other member states, however, the new budget will tear down a framework previously agreed upon with regard to the political areas into which the money should be divided.

Some of the funding for the high-cost agricultural sector will be transferred into the accounts of the EU’s major satellite project, Galileo, and EIT, a European network for innovation and technology. In order to finance Galileo, a project that has close to collapse before ever getting off the ground, a further billion kronor has been knocked of the EU’s research allowance.

TT/Majsan Boström