School burns down near Gothenburg

School burns down near Gothenburg
An elementary school building in Gråbo near Gothenburg was totally burned on Sunday morning, but by Sunday afternoon the fire was reported to be under control.

“Putting out the fire will probably take all day, but there is no risk that it will spread,” according to chief fireman Mikael Jakobsson, adding that they reduced the number of firemen working in the location from around 50 to around 20.

People who lived in houses close to Hjällsnäs School were evacuated to a public building in the neighbourhood, but the police could not say at lunchtime when they would be allowed to go home.

“There are dozens of villas nearby, but we can’t return people to their homes just yet because of the smoke emanating from the school,” said Madeleine Kaldrup of Gothenburg Police.

”We received an alarm at 5:30 in the morning, by then the school was totally ablaze. Flames were coming out of the windows and the fire was very intense,” Jakobsson told TT, which reported that nobody were injured, but the material loss is believed to have spread to nearby school facilities.

Earlier this weekend, other schools were burnt around Gothenburg.

On Friday evening, two fires were detected within 20 minutes in Nya Påvelunds School and the Montessori School respectively. The first fire burned a marquee that was put up by the school for children to use during breaks while other school buildings are under maintenance. The second fire burned down a 10-metre-long annex.

Police believe both were acts of arson.

Sunday’s fire was not the first in recent months at the school in Gråbo. The same building was totally burned last October, while two other school buildings in Gråbo were burned a few days before. Police believed at the time that both fires were acts of arson. Both fires were preceded by several acts of vandalism in and around Gråbo.

Students started using the renovated facilitates and classrooms a few weeks before today’s fire again swept through the 20-30 metre-long building. Residents of Gråbo gathered to see today’s damage, which follows a series of acts of vandalism in the town.

TT/Rami Abdelrahman