Scabies outbreak at old people’s home

A scabies epidemic is spreading among residents and workers at an old people's home in Järbo, close to Sandviken in northwestern Sweden.

Eight people are in early stages of scabies – a skin disease,which usually affects animals caused by parasitic mites. Symptoms include loss of hair and scabby eruptions.

According to Gefle Dagbladet, the housing facility management is afraid that the highly contagious disease will spread and affect pensioners who live there and nursing workers who frequent the home.

“There were a lot of people who complained about itching problems, we tried to examine what the reasons were,” according to Monika Matsson, chief manager at Åsgården, the company running the home.

Symptoms have been spotted among more pensioners, but it usually takes about a month for the disease to fully develop.

78 people live and work in the home.

TT/Rami Abdelrahman