Renters set to win in 2008

Retired people in Sweden will see a further deterioration in their finances next year, while families with children and people living in rented property will count among the winners, according to a new report.

The Swedbank Insitute for Private Economy said that increased wages, cuts in income tax and moderate rent increases mean that families living in rented flats will see their finances improve next year.

Homeowners with variable rate mortgages or whose fixed-rate deals come to an end next year will experience raised living costs due to rises in interest rates.

Some pensioners will have less disposable cash next year due to rent increases and the fact that rises in the basic pension rate will not take effect until 2009. Retired couples will be marginally better off.

Rising house prices and increased interest rates mean that a family buying a terraced (row) house in January 2008 will be worse off than another family who bought an identical house a year earlier. The loss on prices and interest is not entirely counterbalanced by reductions in property taxes, Swedbank says. Despite wage increases and income tax cuts, a family in this situation would have 500 kronor less per month.

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