Hunter suspected of gun offences after accidental shooting

An elk hunter who accidentally shot his 30-year-old son in the chest on Saturday may face criminal charges for ignoring a weapons ban.

The man had his gun licence revoked in 1992 after being found guilty of assaulting his ex-wife.

The following year he was convicted of murdering his new girlfriend and sentenced to ten years in prison.

“He is suspected of serious weapons offences,” police spokesman Kenneth Jonsson told Dagens Nyheter. Jonsson also stressed that Saturday’s shooting was an accident.

The man is thought to have borrowed the weapon that he was using to hunt elks.

The man’s 30 year-old-son remained in intensive care on Tuesday morning following the hunting accident in Åsele in northern Sweden. Commenting shortly after he was admitted to hospital on Saturday, police said that his injuries were life-threatening.