‘Slightly tipsy’ man gatecrashed Nobel party

A well-dressed man who successfully gatecrashed Sweden's biggest party might have escaped unnoticed had he not bragged about his feat to a television presenter.

The Nobel festivities were in full swing when a “slightly tipsy” man wearing medals on his breast and full coat and tails approached TV4’s Peder Lamm to let him on a little secret.

The uninvited guest said it was his 17th attempt to gatecrash the banquet at City Hall, but the first time in ten years that he had succeeded in getting past the massed ranks of security guards and police.

Lamm was highly amused by the remarkable achievement, with security having been ramped up to protect royals, politicians, prize-winners and other dignitaries.

But security service Säpo was less inclined to engage in mirthful thigh slapping upon hearing that somebody had managed to slip in to the party unnoticed.

“As soon as I had related the tale on live television, Säpo came over to me and asked a lot of questions. The analyzed every detail of my story,” Lamm told Aftonbladet.

Shortly after midnight, more than five hours after the banquet began, Lamm was asked to point out the intruder. He was immediately removed from the venue and reported to the police.