Swedish businesswoman had child with 14-year-old boy

A Swedish woman who bore the child of a 14-year-old Uruguayan boy has been sentenced by Svea Court of Appeal to six months in jail for sexually exploiting a minor. The boy was twelve years old when their sexual relationship began.

The woman, 32, said to be a high-profile company director, was 29 years old when she gave birth to the boy’s daughter, her third child in all.

But the baby was conceived in Sweden rather then Uruguay. Once she had returned to her homeland, the businesswoman managed to convince the father of her two oldest children that the boy should live with them.

“I said that he was like a brother to me but didn’t mention anything about our relationship,” the woman told the district court earlier this year.

The boy, who comes from a renowned Uruguayan political family, was also keen to make the move despite his family’s protests, Expressen reports.

In order to ensure that he would be allowed to stay in the country, the businesswoman supplied Swedish authorities with false information, suggesting that the boy came from an impoverished background.

Once he had moved to Sweden, the boy shared a bedroom with the director’s two children.

She initially paid for his upkeep but in time she began receiving money from the state to take care of him.

In 2003, the director resumed her sexual relationship with the boy. Their daughter was born in January 2004, when the boy was 14.

The story first came to light when the boy became intoxicated and described his relationship with the older woman to the mother of a girl his own age, who reported the matter to the police.

The boy, who is now 18, has said that he and the director intend getting married. Proclaiming his love for the older woman, he said he wanted them to raise their child together.

The appeals court ruled that the boy’s age and the fact that he was in the woman’s care meant that she had committed punishable offences. But since the boy had given his consent, the crimes were not deemed to warrant a longer sentence.

The public prosecutor had called for a considerably longer jail term for aggravated sexual abuse and child rape.