Puppy thief sent to jail

A 36-year-old man from Kvänum in western Sweden convicted of stealing a puppy has been sentenced to eight months in jail. He was also found guilty of involvement in a string of fraudulent car deals, Borås Tidning reports.

The puppy theft took place when the man, accompanied by a companion, went to look at a room in a house that was being let out by a woman in Landvetter.

The day after the viewing, the home-owner noticed that one of her bitch’s seven-week old puppies had disappeared.

The baby dog was eventually tracked down to a little girl in Borås. When the owner, acting on a tip-off, went to retrieve the puppy, she was told by the girl that the animal had been given to her by her dad.

The girl turned out to be the daughter of the man who had gone to look at the room.

Borås District Court ruled that the man had definitely stolen the puppy. The court also criticized the accused for trying to pass the blame on to a dead man – his companion had died since they went to view the room together.