Sex agency loses ‘licence to shag’

The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU) has been forced to ditch its illustrious 'bonking badge' following protests from the Swedish Swimming Federation.

Sex agency loses 'licence to shag'
Photo: Sandra Qvist/Scanpix/RFSU Montage: The Local

Prior to its demise, the badge (knullborgarmärket) was awarded to some 35,000 people for excellence in the carnal arts.

Social Democrat leader Mona Sahlin became the most high-profile bearer of the badge when she took the test during the summer. Having answered a questionnaire on everything from the application of the dildo to the mysteries of the female ejaculation, Sahlin received a certificate stating that she was “licensed to shag”,

But the swimming federation eventually tired of seeing a logo that bore a conspicuous resemblance to a badge it has conferred on Swedish swimmers since 1934. RFSU agreed to comply with the federation’s wishes and has now stopped using the badge.

“They have a pin that you get when you swim 200 metres. Ours was too similar,” RFSU spokesman Joakim Jakobsson told The Local.

RFSU is preparing a range of activities for 2008, when the organization will celebrate its 75th anniversary. But it will no longer be able to classify people as certifiably bonkers.