Voters lose confidence in Reinfeldt

Voters lose confidence in Reinfeldt
Fredrik Reinfeldt is no longer the most popular party leader in Sweden. Voter confidence in the prime minister has dropped 7 percent to 45 percent. Social Democrat leader Mona Sahlin has overtaken Reinfeldt and tops the rankings with 48 percent, a new Sifo survey shows.

73 percent of Social Democrat voters expressed confidence in Sahlin.

20 percent of voters expressed a total lack of confidence in Reinfeldt.

The poll indicates that Sahlin is more popular among women while men have more confidence in Reinfeldt.

Green Party leaders Peter Eriksson and Maria Wetterstrand increased their support by 6 percent to 36 percent.

Centre Party leader Maud Olofsson increased by 1 percent to 42 percent and the Christian Democrat’s Göran Hägglund declined 2 percent to 31 percent. The Left Party’s Lars Ohly increased 2 percent to 19 percent.

Jan Björklund’s first rating since becoming leader of the Liberal Party (Folkpartiet) indicated support of 29 percent – higher than his predecessor, Lars Leijonborg.

The Sifo survey was commissioned by Aftonbladet. Pollsters interviewed 969 people between the 10th and 13th of December.