Youth lack interest in the environment

Swedish youth lack interest in sustainable development, according to the Youth Barometer study (Ungdomsbarometern). Interest is growing however.

Youth lack interest in the environment

Sustainable development has little or no importance according to 25 percent of the 18-24-year-olds surveyed. However, 25 percent considered the issue very important and this group is reported to be growing.

Little or nothing is done personally by some 20 percent of respondents to help the environment. The government’s environmental credentials are trusted by only 5 percent of young people, while 17 percent have no confidence at all in the government to address the issues effectively.

It has to be cheaper and easier to respect the environment if young people are to become engaged and live more ecofriendly lives, 70 percent of respondents argued.

Deciding to stop eating meat would have no effect on the environment; this statement was supported by 50 percent of the male respondents and 30 percent of the female. However, buying organic produce has a positive effect on the environment, according to 18 percent of those interviewed.

The Youth Barometer interviewed 10,300 Swedes between the ages of 18 and 24 regarding their interest in environmental issues, writes Dagens Nyheter.