Pitbull seized for attacks

A pitbull terrier which was seized by police in Örebro on Saturday after fatally wounding another dog was confiscated again on Sunday after attacking several people in the centre of the town in south central Sweden.

The dog had been collected from the police station at 2pm on Sunday by the 21-year-old man who was caring for it temporarily. The animal had been kept at the police station since it bit another dog, which later had to be put down.

Police officers required before that the dog be muzzled and kept on a leash as a condition of release.

“Just ten minutes after leaving the police station an off-duty colleague saw that he had removed the muzzle and that the dog was lunging at passers-by,” said Bo Rosendahl of Örebro Police.

The police ruled immediately that the dog should be seized again. It will be held at kennels until later in the week, when a formal decision on the animal’s future will be taken.

“It’s a nice dog. The fact that it is aggressive is due to the fact that the person in charge is not looking after it properly,” said Rosendahl, adding that the investigation would show whether he was inciting the dog to attack, but that it appeared at present that he was encouraging its behaviour.