Babies share ward with 104-year-old woman

More than a century separates Norrköping's oldest living inhabitant from her ward mates at a local hospital.

The 104-year-old woman has been sharing a ward with the city’s newborn babies at Vrinnevik hospital while waiting for a place to become available at a local nursing home.

Though she has always insisted that she was fine living on her own, this Christmas she needed hospital treatment and a decision was taken for her not to return home.

But with all the nursing homes full, the only available bed was located among the neonates and their parents in the hospital’s maternity ward.

“It doesn’t matter too much but it might be more fun for mum to be among people who are a bit older,” the woman’s 77-year-old son told Folkbladet.

The 104-year-old woman has lived in the eastern Swedish city since she was fifteen.