University conducts research into burping bovines

An agricultural university in Sweden has been awarded 3.8 million kronor ($560,000) to conduct research into the environmental impact of cows' belches.

Scientists believe that burping bovines contribute to the greenhouse effect through the production of a gas known as cattle release methane.

Now researchers at the Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala are hoping that a more varied diet will stem the production of harmful gases among the cattle community.

Project leader Jan Bertilsson told the Associated Press that 95 percent of the methane released by cows came from their mouths.

The university in the eastern city is to monitor the methane released by a control group of 20 cows.

The cows under observation are to be placed on different diets and will have their methane levels measured by a special collar device, said Bertilsson.

The agricultural university has received funding for the project from Formas, the Swedish Research Council for Environment.