Bill Gates collects honour from Stockholm institute

Bill Gates collects honour from Stockholm institute
Bill Gates has visited Sweden to collect an honorary doctorate from Stockholm's Karolinska Institute (KI).

Gates arrived in Stockholm late Wednesday to collect his honorary doctorate without the company of his wife, who has also been honored. Melinda Gates is currently in Mali visiting one of the foundation’s health projects.

KI announced in April that Microsoft billionaire, Bill Gates, and his wife Melinda French Gates would be awarded honorary doctorates for their contributions to global health through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

By supporting healthcare projects in poor countries and financing research into the resolution of global health problems, KI said that Bill and Melinda Gates had actively contributed to long-term healthcare improvements in areas where they were most needed.

“As the Gates Foundation’s global health work is based on a scientific platform, the foundation’s grants are used in the most effective way possible,” said Jan Carlstedt-Duke, chairman of KI’s research board.

In his short acceptance speech Bill Gates expressed optimism that measures to address the health problems afflicting the developing world would succeed.

Talking about malaria Gates said that he believed “that it is possible to eradicate the disease in the not too distant future.”

Bill Gates rushed off from Stockholm to attend his next engagement, the World Economic Forum in Davos.