Former defence minister to lead state electricity utility

Former defence minister Mikael Odenberg has been named director general of state electricity utility Svenska Kraftnät.

Odenberg was introduced in his new capacity by Energy Minister Maud Olofsson, who also presented new Swedish Energy Agency director Tomas Kåberger, and new National Electrical Safety Board director Magnus Olofsson.

Odenberg made headlines last September after he resigned from his post as defence minister in protest over proposed cuts to the defence budget.

Svenska Kraftnät is a state utility that administers and runs the national electrical grid and natural gas supplies.

Magnus Olofsson comes from ABB and has a doctorate in electrical energy systems from the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

Tomas Kåberger is an adjunct professor at Lund University’s international environmental institute. He has also worked as the head of a bioenergy company and has participated in a number of government inquiries.