Unheard cases pile up in Swedish courts

Sweden’s district courts are suffering from an increased workload despite receiving additional money and staff.

The list of unheard cases in 2007 grew to around 77,000 compared with 75,000 the year before.

“Those who are hit hardest by this situation are the citizens,” said Hjalmar Forsberg, a districy court judge from the Stockholm suburb of Södertörn, to Swedish Radio.

Meanwhile, the number of cases waiting to be heard in county administrative courts and appeals courts has decreased.

According to Swedish Radio, Sweden’s National Courts Administration (Domstolsverket) forecasts the number of new cases will increase in the next three years.

In order to manage the increase, the Administration plans to ask the government for additional funding in the next two weeks.

“There is a risk that the quality of the work may suffer is there is too much to do,” said Forsberg.