Hungry hedgehogs face death by starvation

Hungry hedgehogs face death by starvation
Photo: Gaudete/
Hedgehogs in southern Sweden have already been coming out of hibernation due to unusually mild winter temperatures in the region.

But it is a rude awakening for the spiny mammals with food supplies still at a premium.

“Many hedgehogs are facing death by starvation,” animal welfare expert Chatarina Krångh told newspaper Sydsvenskan.

Hedgehogs in the south of the country are accustomed to awakening from their winter slumber at around the end of March or start of April, when temperatures are consistently higher than 9 degrees Celsius.

Now, however, with worms and insects still in short supply, Chatarina Krångh is urging members of the public to do what they can to help the malnourished animals.

“Bring it in to room temperature, 18 to 20 degrees. Put it in a cat cage with newspaper at the bottom and some straw for it to crawl around in,” she said.

Hedgehogs can be given the same dry food used to feed cats and dogs. The food should be moistened with water rather than milk, which could cause intestinal infections.

Regulations stipulate that members of the public may keep wild animals indoors for a maximum of two days.