June List leader resigns

The chairman of the June List, Nils Lundgren, has resigned as leader of the party. Lundgren will sit out his mandate period in the EU parliament but will not stand for re-election.

Lundgren will remain as leader of the party, which was formed in the wake of the Euro referendum in Sweden in 2003, until a new leader has been appointed.

“I am not standing for re-election. It is time for a new leadership to take over the party,” Lundgren said to TT.

The decision was communicated to party members in a letter.

Lundgren has been chairman of the party since 2004 when it was formed to push a eurosceptic line at the elections in the same year. The party claimed 15 percent of the votes and took three seats in the EU parliament.

The June List also ran in the Swedish 2006 parliamentary election, but it only received 0.47 percent of the votes, far below the 4 percent needed to get into parliament.

The next EU parliamentary elections are set to be held in June 2009 and Lundgren plans to sit out his mandate period.