Still spring despite cold snap

Despite the advent of spring Good Friday night was the coldest of the winter at many places across Sweden.

Still spring despite cold snap

Nikkaluokta near Kiruna was the coldest part of the country on Friday night recording temperatures of -36 degrees Celsius, the lowest this winter season. 1902 was the last time the coldest winter day occurred this late in the season, according to Sweden’s meteorological agency SMHI.

The Local reported on the February 24th that SMHI had declared the advent of spring in many parts of Sweden already in mid-February. By March 8th SMHI had declared the advent of spring as far north as SkellefteĆ„ – around a month earlier that normal.

Despite the apparent seasonal confusion over the Easter weekend spring is still to be found in many places across the country.

The recent stormy weather, snow falls and low temperatures do not change the fact that it is spring, at least not according to meteorologists. Spring is declared when the temperature remains above zero degrees Celsius for the duration of a week.

“When the spring has arrived we say that it is still spring, despite the setbacks,” said Lisa Frost, a meteorologist at SMHI.

According to Frost the cold weather is forecast to persist for a further week.