Double murder suspect caught on camera

A 31-year-old woman suspected of the brutal murder of two children in Arboga is believed to have been captured by security cameras at the train station in the central Swedish town on the day of the murders.

The images also showed the woman meeting a man at the station.

“We can see from the security film that there is a woman who may be the suspect walking along, and then a man comes and meets her close up. He is carrying several bags,” said police spokesman Börje Strömberg.

Police were not able to ascertain the age of the man in the footage. Strömberg said that the two stood close to each other but did not speak.

A total of three trains pulled into Arboga on the evening of the murder, March 17th.

“A number of people may have encountered this woman and be able to provide a description,” said Strömberg.

Police have not yet been able to question the mother of the children who were stabbed to death. She remains under sedation having sustained serious injuries in the attack.

According to the Swedish prosecutor’s office, German authorities took DNA samples of the prime suspect after she was arrested near Hannover last week.

But a spokesman for the German prosecutor’s office denied that this was the case.

“I have not heard anything about the woman taking a DNA test. And Swedish authorities have not sent a request for a test to be sent to Sweden,” Thomas Klinge told Aftonbladet.

The woman’s whereabouts are currently unknown. German authorities were forced to release the suspect on Saturday after Sweden retracted a European warrant put out for her arrest.